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Spending Money I Don’t Have on Things I Don’t Need.

Can anyone think of a better way to save money you don’t have than to spend it on things you don’t need? That’s the current conundrum going on in my life. Because I really cant go more than 2 weeks without being completely focused on whether or not I should either purchase / make / be obsessed with.. something. Obsessed with something that I really don’t need, but for some reason, uncontrollably want. Like a new house in place I no longer live (don’t ask), or a new car (that I wouldn’t normally drive), or a dog (that I.. well, I think I’d play with a dog, but whatever), or a pair of shoes (not as serious price-wise, but weird considering that shoes are prolly the last thing I need) or a new computer (which is ironic, and youll find out why in a second).

To something that I’ve stewed long hours over for a good… ehh… 2 weeks or so. haha.

I need a tablet. And I have no idea why. 

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i’ve realized that there is no difference right now between visiting my blog or visiting my youtube channel, except that here i’m posting some extra info about the video process.


i once had a blog where i set out to write anything that came to mind. sports. tech. clothes. me. erything. no one read it.

i once had a blog where I wanted to write more about me, my experiences, my work, but it had to be somewhat funny. i don’t think anyone read it.

i once had a blog where i wanted it to be nothing but comedy, and i HAD to have a post eryday. i recruited one of my boys to help, and still, no one read it.

i once had a blog that i swore was gonna be the one i kept, the one i updated. i mean, what better experience to write about than moving across the country? well, i didn’t really spend the time to write it, and therefore, no one really took the time to read it.

then i realized what my problem was. i was trying to write material that people wanted to read. BOOM. Mistake. whether or not people are actually reading or watching or looking at the material i’m posting is no longer going to matter to me, because well, that’s what having a blog is all about. i’m gonna post whatever i end up posting, and if people read it, cool. if you want a dose of me, cool. if not, then hey, at least i have a spot where i kept everything about me on a semi-daily/weekly basis fresh. my own shit where its not a tweet or a status update. its jus what i do. and im off.

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"Sexy Love - Vanessa + Ian - Wedding Trailer 2”
Location: San Bruno Bart Station. SF. 
Ferry Boat Dock. Powell St. Union Square. North Beach. Golden Gate Park. Ft. Mason. Jones St.
Date: 3.30.10
Equipment: Sony MHS-PM1/JVC Everio/Apple iMovie

We had a basic premise that didnt even really make the final cut. Initially the plot was that Nessa traveled alot, I was always there waiting for her, I get tired of her traveling, we fight, she still goes on a trip, she comes back, im not there, but then i show up to propose. So you can see the guts of that idea in the video, if not that exact story. While editing, I decided to make it more of a ‘this video is about us and our good times’ video, mixed in with a little cinematic love music video. We had practiced a dance for the video as well, which also didn’t make the final cut. 

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Location: SF. Financial District.

Date: 4.10.10
Equipment: Sony MHS-PM1/Apple iMovie

didnt have much to go off except a dance and an idea, so we spent the morning just looking for places to actually film. all the scenes were shot with nothing but a steady hand. just the two of us, and about 6 random strangers who walked by our makeshift set by the e-trade building in the financial district.

the background ended up working out perfectly for us, and the overcast sky + windy conditions actually made the scenes better if not colder for us when we were actually filming.

the pole was two rods from a shoe rack taped by packaging tape, and the chair came from the chipotle across the street. yeah we told the mgr. we were doing a video project.

all in all, we prolly were filming for a little over 4 hours. had about an hour and halfs worth of video. editing prolly took about 4.5 hours.

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High Quality
The very unsurprising results.

The very unsurprising results.